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1.3 Changelog

flash health bar when damage is taken
more visible stun indicator with new graphic to boot
improved impact sound, stun sound, dash sound
new laser shape
no flash if youve taken no damage from a hit
overhauled the power management UI
redesigned dashing to run off of a stamina bar
stamina bar UI
fixed the volumes slider sounds
new sound for when your out of stamina and you try and dash
adjusted recoil
powerup icons
major sand improvements
laser particle effect scale adjustments
trail scale adjustments
improved exhaust
score counter and continue option
transparent main menu background
fixed UI aliasing issue
image effect revision
player ui moved to the top of the screen
removed title from main menu
metadata updated
video added to page
logo on main menu
improved cover image

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86 days ago
Antimony 1.0 (OG #RemakeJam Submission) (20 MB)
90 days ago


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